In a move to accelerate digital receipt adoption across Europe, the Finland-based digital receipt platform ReceiptHero announced on Thursday (Sept. 16) that it is partnering with Visa and Mastercard to provide an alternative to the paper receipt, allowing more merchants to send their receipts to private and business customers digitally.

The collaboration will allow the model of ReceiptHero’s platform, which has been fully operational in Finland for two years, to be replicated for other European markets, while leveraging both Mastercard and Visa’s platform for real-time transactions. The company will continue to work with key partners such as Worldline and Verifone in the process.

Speaking on the deal, ReceiptHero’s CEO Joel Ojala said the role of card networks in driving digital receipt adoption has been obvious “from the very beginning,” adding that “this partnership provides rocket fuel for our growth into new markets, but also supports all of our existing ecosystem partners with better experience.”

Ojala also pointed out the sustainable feature of digital receipts, and how they save a lot of physical posting: “This is a rally cry to merchants across Europe who haven’t started sending receipts to their customers digitally. Now is the time to join the movement, and let’s together stop the ecological disaster known as the paper receipt,” he said.

The announcement added that ReceiptHero will benefit from the use of the Visa Offers Platform, an “API-based tool that will enable the company to access authorization data across Europe and expand their merchant customer base.”

Pratap Gautam, VP, head of buyer and seller solutions at Visa, commended ReceiptHero’s impressive approach to building out the digital receipt infrastructure. “The [ReceiptHero] team has proven the platform works in Finland, and we’re looking forward to supporting them to grow throughout Europe,” he said.

The company has activated thousands of merchants across the country. Two of the largest corporate banks in the region, Sweden’s SEB and Denmark’s Nordea, have also signed up to deliver digital receipts through ReceiptHero.

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Last year, PYMNTS reported that ReceiptHero is working with Eurocard to loop into spend data from Eurocard corporate cards for end users across the Nordic region. The partnership aimed to help employees using company cards to make purchases, reducing the friction of managing and filing receipts, with ReceiptHero now digitizing those receipts generated from spend on Eurocard corporate cards.



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