Merchants Fine Tune Checkout Experience

When it comes to trends shaping commerce in 2022, the innovators are at it again. This time, they’re looking for ways for merchants to turn payments from a cost center into a revenue driver. That may sound like a stretch, but as...

D2C Retailing Boosts Supply Chain Tech Providers

More companies have embraced selling directly to consumers, sidestepping old, larger-scale operations in favor of developing direct-to-consumer (D2C) operations. With brick-and-mortar commerce still recovering from the pandemic and shoppers...

Retailers Weigh Payments Choice, Overwhelming Customers

The conventional wisdom of online commerce is that payments should be invisible, and merchants should offer their shoppers as many payment options as possible. In an interview with PYMNTS, Nicky Schardt, director of product, customer...

Behavioral Analytics for Smooth Authentication

Trust drives consumer experiences, and it can be negatively impacted in countless ways. An inconvenient login or checkout experience harms a customer’s trust in a merchant, and a false positive fraud flag can alienate a previously loyal...

Apple overhauls iPhone checkout experience with larger images, focus on trade-ins, more

Apple has given the iPhone checkout page on its website a major overhaul. The new design features larger images, quicker access to shopping assistance, and more. There’s also a bigger emphasis on trading in other devices as well. The...


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