EBay adds Venmo as payment option

eBay is expanding payment method choice at checkout by adding Venmo. The move to introduce new, popular and modern payment options aligns with the evolving preferences of today’s digital natives. This convenient, simple, and safe...

Walmart and Amazon Race to Digitize the Physical Store

As Walmart and Amazon compete to stay at the forefront of retail’s omnichannel transformation, the two industry giants are integrating digital technologies into physical stores, aiming to provide the most convenient, connected shopping...

One-Click Online Payments Coming to Europe by 2030

Mastercard said Tuesday (June 11) that it aims to make the experience of using a card online more like that of using one in store. The company is working to phase out manual card entry for eCommerce by 2030 in Europe, replacing it with a...

New payment methods challenge retailers

Today’s retailers must navigate a complex environment of evolving regulations and new payment methods. Credit: Vershinin89 via Shutterstock. Retailers are facing an increasingly complex environment, juggling changing regulations, new payment...

Only 22% of Shoppers Prefer Payment Options on Brand Websites

Cart abandonment — when online shoppers select items with the apparent intention to buy, only to leave those items sitting in digital limbo — happens on every eCommerce website, but PYMNTS Intelligence data reveals that it is especially...
Embedded Payments: Untapping the Potential

Embedded Payments: Untapping the Potential

There's a nuance to the greater buy now, pay later (BNPL) landscape that retailers are only just now beginning to grasp. White-label embedded installment options, which allow shoppers to use their own bank-issued credit card to pay over a set period of time...

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