Mother’s Day is the third-largest retail holiday, exceeded only by back-to-school and the holiday shopping season. For retailers, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to generate sales and gain repeat shoppers.  

In 2021, Mother’s Day spending totaled $28.1 billion, and consumers spent an average of $220 on gifts. Based on these figures, gifters are eager to spoil their moms this year. So why not dazzle them during their hunt for the perfect gift?

With a bit of creativity and an amazing checkout experience, you can have the mother of all Mother’s Day seasons. (What? Moms like puns, too.) Check out our no-frills guide below for maximizing your revenue this Mother’s Day. 

1. Curate a gift guide landing page on your site. Do the legwork for your shoppers by rounding up your best Mother’s Day gifts. Organize gifts by persona, price, and category. Parameters can often make gift-giving a little less overwhelming.

Be sure to stay on top of trends and important issues or causes. For example, highlight sustainable gifts or products that are TikTok famous. Use relevant, mom-inspired language that evokes emotion. And don’t forget about pet moms and plant moms! 

Pro tip: Drive your Mother’s Day ads and emails to your gift guide landing page to create a seamless journey for your shopper. And after they find the perfect gift, offer speedy one-click checkout to remove friction between inspiration and conversion.

2. Send out a physical catalog. Catalogs are making a comeback, especially for the biggest spenders—Millennials, who enjoy the tactile feeling of opening mail. In 2021, consumers ages 25–34 spent roughly $367 on Mother’s Day gifts—almost $150 more than the average. 

In your catalog, mimic the look and feel of your digital gift guide to create cohesion in your campaign. Engage your reader with interactive elements like the ability to lift a flap to smell your perfume. 

Pro tip: Maximize your revenue streams with QR codes in your Mother’s Day catalog, where shoppers can check out right then and there from the page. Drive shoppers directly to your landing page or to a product page where they can checkout with one click.

3. Add your bestselling gifts to social media. Infuse your social feeds with Mother’s Day-inspired imagery, and make your posts shoppable. Often, gift-givers don’t know where to start, so providing product recommendations is a great way to seamlessly weave your products into an otherwise normal social feed.

Pro tip: Give your shoppers the ability to check out when they spot the perfect gift on their feed—without leaving your post. Implement one-click checkout at the moment of inspiration and immediately see an increase in your sales and the lifetime value of your customers.  

4. Offer your shoppers unique ways of gifting. Ecommerce returns can be a headache year-round but are known to peak during holiday sales. Every year, over $761 billion worth of merchandise is returned.

Avoid ecommerce returns this Mother’s Day by offering creative solutions to gifting, like digital gifts recipients can “open” online. Allow your shoppers to pick out a gift for mom online and create a personalized message. Then send the gift digitally for the recipient to open. Finally, allow the recipient to accept or exchange the gift and ship it their way.    

Pro tip: Offer an express-checkout option like product page checkout that forwards shoppers directly to checkout. Remove the extra steps for your shoppers by creating a seamless and direct one-page shopping experience. 

5. Accommodate your last-minute shoppers. Did you know that 48% of people shop for Mother’s Day in the last week leading up to the holiday? Your digital marketing efforts a week before Mother’s Day will play a significant role in the success of your last-minute sales.

When Mother’s Day is about a week away, send out gift card messaging and move your gift card section up above the fold of your landing page to get your shoppers’ attention. 

Pro tip: Speaking of accommodating shoppers, offering alternative payment methods (APMs) is a sure-fire way to increase sales by reducing friction in the checkout process. Accommodate your shoppers by providing digital wallets like PayPal and Apple Pay, and buy now, pay later (BNPL) options like Afterpay.

Bottom line

Bolt’s best-in-class one-click checkout gives retailers the ability to create an unforgettable shopping experience this Mother’s Day. But why stop there? Delight your shoppers every retail season with creative executions and a smooth checkout experience powered by Bolt.

Get a partner that offers a suite of technology designed to help you drive revenue. Future-proofing your checkout with Bolt is a great way to set your business on a path of long-term growth and success this Mother’s Day and beyond.

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