Bluefin announces Mastercard click-to-pay integration

Bluefin, the leader in encryption and tokenization technologies that help businesses protect sensitive information every time they get paid, today announced the integration of Mastercard Click to Pay to provide additional seamless...

Amazon Tests ‘Just Walk Out’ Pay System

Amazon’s New Just Walk Out Cashierless Checkout System Uses RFID Tags to Track Apparel Purchases Amazon introduced a new version of its Just Walk Out retail technology that allows customers to skip the cashier lines when they make a purchase...

Save Account Creation for the Confirmation Step (42% Don’t) – Articles – Baymard Institute

Key Takeaways Asking users to create an account at the beginning of checkout risks distracting them from their primary goal of finalizing their purchase Yet 42% of sites ask users to create an account at the beginning of checkout or before...

Why growing retailers prioritize the checkout experience

The checkout experience is a pivotal point of transformation for e-commerce retailers. If you’re not already treating it that way, it’s time to rethink your position.  Here’s why: Retailers have always known they have to be flexible and...

Retailers Focusing On Personalization Before Holidays, Report Shows

Proactive efforts around personalization are helping some retailers get a head start on the 2023 ... [+] holiday shopping season.getty Ahead of the 2023 holiday shopping season, online retailers are leaning into personalization efforts to...


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