SAN FRANCISCO–()–UserTesting (NYSE: USER), a leader in video-based human insight, today announced the availability of new test templates for the UserTesting® Human Insight Platform that helps retailers prepare for the 2022 Black Friday and holiday shopping rush. With consumers wary of inflation, it’s critical that companies understand and address customers’ increasingly complex needs and concerns. Retailers need to stand out from their competitors and create an environment that provides comfort in shopping decisions, no matter what channel shoppers use, be it in store, online, or mobile. UserTesting’s new templates enable retailers to gather reliable feedback from customers before, during, and after their buying journey, to ensure they are able to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. By having a better understanding of customer perceptions and expectations, digital retail teams are better equipped to convert customers, fulfill orders, and capitalize on surging orders.

According to a recent Accenture report, companies need to understand their customers “are ever-changing, multi-dimensional people deeply impacted by external forces” … and companies need to embrace a more complete approach, “one that takes into consideration the humanity of the consumer, their shifting modes, and the unpredictable life forces that come into play along the way.” The report states that those companies that embrace the entirety of their customer will succeed in the future. Through its video-first, opt-in format, UserTesting enables companies to get a more holistic understanding of consumers by rounding out their traditional consumer insight data sets and surveys. Human insight helps companies truly identify consumers’ preferences, so they can build experiences that better connect with customers and create more favorable shopping environments.

This UserTesting template bundle is ideal for eCommerce, marketing, consumer insights, and digital product teams and includes pre-built test plans that help them:

  • More effectively formulate Black Friday promotions and campaigns to drive better sales
  • Better understand shopping behaviors and make adjustments when necessary
  • Learn about customers’ in store experiences more quickly – both gains and pains
  • Understand what may be leading to cart abandonment faster and resolve the issues
  • Ensure smoother online purchase flows

Organizations can use UserTesting’s pre-built sample questions as-is or customize the templates to address their specific business needs. Capturing feedback can be done by leveraging the UserTesting first-party, opt-in network of contributors or getting feedback directly from a company’s own network of customers, partners, and employees.

“Consumers are mired in numerous concerns that are forcing retailers to adopt new approaches when dealing with customers. This includes understanding the complexities facing their customers, and adapting to create environments that attract and provide better conversion rates for increased sales,” said Janelle Estes, Chief Insights Officer of UserTesting. “UserTesting helps retailers gain customer perspectives, to understand what’s driving their decisions, so they can better serve them. The UserTesting platform provides the data that gets to the heart of how customers feel and why, so retailers can better prepare and make course corrections as needed to avoid costly errors.”

The new templates focused on helping retailers best navigate the complexities of omni-channel shopping experiences add to the more than 100 pre-built testing templates available on the UserTesting Human Insight Platform.

About UserTesting

UserTesting (NYSE: USER) has fundamentally changed the way organizations get insights from customers with fast, opt-in feedback and experience capture technology. The UserTesting Human Insight Platform taps into our global network of real people and generates video-based recorded experiences, so anyone in an organization can directly ask questions, hear what users say, see what they mean, and understand what it’s actually like to be a customer. Unlike approaches that track user behavior then try to infer what that behavior means, UserTesting reduces guesswork and brings customer experience data to life with human insight. UserTesting has more than 2,500 customers, including more than half of the world’s top 100 most valuable brands according to Forbes. UserTesting is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more, visit

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