The value proposition of online commerce is, above all else, convenience.

Building a Better Online Checkout Experience: The Key Features That Matter to Customers” a PYMNTS and collaboration, surveyed 2,030 U.S. consumers and found that the biggest barrier preventing smooth, seamless checkout online is an overall frustrating process when shoppers get to the finish line.

The report highlighted 10 of the top checkout features that could help turn online shopper journeys around, and checkout friction-inspired frowns upside down.

To maximize sales, eCommerce merchants need to ensure that shoppers can easily and seamlessly complete checkout — no matter whether they shop on an app, via social media or on a traditional website. And smooth checkouts can help online businesses win, and retain, repeat customers.

Ninety-one percent said a satisfying checkout experience substantially impacts their willingness to shop with a merchant again.

Data revealed that consumers shopping via social media are by far the most likely to report encountering frictions of all kinds, from surprise shipping costs to excessive information asked, as well as payment or processing issues.

Pain points across shopping channels

The top features that help smooth shopper pain points primarily relate to convenience and pricing. Payments power the online shopping journey, and providing fast and frictionless checkout experiences is critical to converting shoppers, as is providing shoppers with a wide variety of payment options at the point of sale.

Price matching, clear refund policies and non-automated coupons are also among the features that consumers want most, followed by easily navigable carts and real-time product inventory.

Failing to prepare for the modern online shoppers’ needs and wants is preparing to fail relative to peers and competitors that have already implemented those key features.

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