EMVCo, the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) have renewed the charter for the Web Payments Security Interest Group (WPSIG) for a further two years.

Formed in 2019, the charter renewal will enable the organisations to continue collaborating to enhance the security and interoperability of web payments to support seamless e-commerce checkout experiences.

The renewal follows the recent publication of an updated version of the ‘How EMVCo, FIDO and W3C Technologies Relate’ document to meet the evolving needs of the payments industry. This reflected updates to EMVCo’s EMV® 3-D Secure (EMV 3DS), EMV Payment Tokenisation and EMV Secure Remote Commerce (EMV SRC) technologies, FIDO’s Client-to-Authenticator Protocol (CTAP), and W3C’s Web Authentication, Secure Payment Confirmation (SPC) and Payment Request API initiatives.

The document describes how these technologies may be used together to enable a more secure card-based payment during an e-commerce guest checkout on the web. It also addresses how these technical specifications can support merchant efforts to protect user privacy, fight fraud and meet regulatory requirements, while helping to reduce costs and streamline the online payment process.

Looking ahead, an ongoing focus for the group is promoting consumer privacy while ensuring convenient and seamless e-commerce checkout experiences. Identifying new functionality, use-cases and user experiences for EMVCo, FIDO and W3C technologies is a priority, including updates to SPC to promote streamlined strong customer authentication, understanding how passkeys can combine with other technologies, and exploring how EMV SRC can work together with other technologies to simplify online checkout.

The group will also continue to engage with, and receive feedback from, a broad range of industry stakeholders – including merchants – to better understand requirements for secure web-based payments. As part of this engagement, in February the WPSIG presented at the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) Mid-Year Conference and the U.S. Payments Forum 2023 Payments Summit to explore the value the group is bringing to online commerce.

“Our continued collaboration with FIDO Alliance and W3C demonstrates the important role this collaborative forum plays in bringing technologies together to make transactions more seamless for consumers, reduce fraud for issuers and increase approvals for merchants. This reflects EMVCo’s commitment to engaging across the industry to evolve the EMV Specifications,” said Arman Aygen, Director of Technology at EMVCo. 

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