It’s time to go beyond what checkout can do.

In an era where self-checkout is the retail norm, we’ve come to appreciate its convenience, speed, and the power it places in the hands of the shopper. Nowadays, you walk into a store expecting self-checkout. Yet, envision a checkout experience that goes beyond a mere transaction—a dynamic engagement that transforms the shopper’s journey. Even retailers sense this shift in mindset; 1 in 2 is exploring ways to elevate the self-checkout experience, and it’s high time we reimagine what checkout can truly offer.

So, let’s change our mindset about checkout. It’s not just about payment; it’s an evolving engagement terminal adapting to the dynamic retail landscape. Personalization at checkout is the key—tailoring the checkout to the geographic region, a single store or even the individual shopper. With the advent of new technology, there’s no need to settle for the mundane; let’s spice it up with branding, themed screens, or vibrant colors at self-checkout. The possibilities are limitless in this new era of checkout technology.

Speed, intelligence and ease of innovation are elements that are now imperative for enhancing checkout and catering to the diverse shopper journeys evolving with technology. However, the traditional approach to checkout innovation and experimentation historically introduces a lot of risk. Many retailers disrupt their entire system with new technology, confusing shoppers and impacting productivity.

Here’s the thing: it’s an evolution, not a revolution. Retailers need flexibility first, with NCR Voyix meeting them wherever they are in their checkout journey. Incremental changes allow them to stay competitive in innovation. In this era of diverse and evolving shopper journeys—from card to cash and different demographics—inclusion is the key. Enters the solution: new checkout software and hardware that are ultra-configurable as retailers desire.

Don’t shy away from innovation—embrace it! A solution that’s entirely configurable to your front end allows you to test and experiment seamlessly, maintaining your competitive edge and keeping up with innovative technology.

Now, introducing the NCR Voyix Commerce Platform—the cloud-native all-encompassing solution designed to redefine retail tech. With its API-centric, modular, and scalable design, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the checkout space. Picture this: 75k connected retail lanes already connected, handling a staggering 8B API calls monthly, seamlessly integrating with 20+ third-party solutions. The platform boasts 15 published APIs, processing a remarkable $21B in payments and 41M loyalty transactions each month. It’s more than a solution; it’s a dynamic force propelling retail (and checkout) into the future.

The NCR Voyix Commerce Platform empowers businesses to navigate, simplify, and seamlessly run their entire technology ecosystem—running the front-end technology that will allow retailers to flex both their software and hardware in a way they’ve never done before. Its unparalleled connectivity makes it a transformative tool for retailers looking to embrace the future of checkout and fully integrate their store systems.

Are you ready to elevate your checkout experience, meet the diverse needs of shoppers, and stay at the forefront of the retail revolution?

The future of retail innovation is here. Unveiled by NCR Voyix at NRF 2024.

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