SINGAPORE–()–Alipay+, a suite of cross-border payment and marketing solutions, has supported global online merchant partners to serve over 100 million e-wallet users as they flock to take up the offers and benefits since the global Double 11 event kicked off on November 1.

The consumers that participated in the event are mostly users of a dozen popular e-wallets from Southeast Asia, including GCash (The Philippines), TrueMoney (Thailand), Touch ’n Go eWallet (Malaysia), DANA (Indonesia) and Kakao Pay (South Korea). With Alipay+, these users can conveniently make cross-border payments with more than 1,000 global online merchants by using their local currency wallets on their respective platforms during the festival.

This year, e-wallet users could access coupons to exchange for free gifts and attractive deals offered by merchants listed on the Alipay+ Rewards section from their own payment apps. Consumers can also use direct payments at online checkout through e-wallets powered by Alipay+ solution, which ensures payments can be completed smoothly across the border, especially during the peak time of the festival.

From November 1 to 10, the number of online payment transactions via Alipay+ has recorded a significant growth of 40 percent compared to the previous year, while total e-wallet user payments through Alipay+ has experienced an increase of 30 percent. This is a testament to Alipay+’s increasing popularity and its capability to seamlessly execute cross-border payments and marketing.

In terms of transaction volume increase, the digital & entertainment sector saw the highest level of user participation this year, achieving over 200 percent growth in transactions volume this year, followed by the O2O and e-commerce sectors.

This year, the number of first-time merchant joiners account for about one third of the total global online merchants. During the first ten days of the festival, top-five first-time merchants on average recorded a five-time increase in the number of e-wallet users making payments and a three-time jump in total transaction volumes through Alipay+ compared with the previous month.

“We are excited to see the enthusiasm of consumers during November 11 mega sales this year as online shopping and digital payment have continued to evolve as the key channels for growth over the years,” said Daniel Marogy, Managing Director of foodpanda Philippines.

Introduced by Ant Group in 2020, Alipay+ is a suite of cross-border digital payment, marketing and merchant digitization solutions connecting global brands with mobile-savvy consumers worldwide, with an aim to enable businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to process a wide range of mobile payment methods and reach more than 1 billion regional and global consumers.

“Alipay+ is dedicated to bringing more exclusive offers and benefits from merchants around the world to hundreds of millions mobile-savvy consumers of our e-wallet partners,” said Jing Yin, General Manager of Acquiring Service and Global Strategic Accounts of Ant Group.

“Ant Group’s technology capabilities and know-how also ensure our merchants and wallet partners are able to process transactions smoothly during peak traffic time, such as the ongoing Alipay+ Double 11 Mega Deals and other promotional events,” he added.

The pandemic has notably accelerated digital adoption. The recent Global Findex data from the World Bank indicated that 8 percent of adults living in developing countries made their first digital payment after Covid-19 started. The research excluded China as the country already has high digital adoption rate and widespread use of mobile payment apps.

Home to the world’s fastest growing e-wallet user base, Southeast Asia is experiencing increasing digitization as 70 percent of the ASEAN population is now online, according to a recent HBSC research. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic led to a consumers’ rapid adoption of e-commerce and the demand for online transfer and contactless payments is not fading even as the world gradually recovers from the pandemic.

Over the past six months, Alipay+ has been making steady progress in markets including Southeast Asia, South Korea and Japan, connecting local and regional merchants with various digital payment methods. Last month, Alipay+ introduced three more Asia e-wallets to Singapore and now there are altogether six overseas e-wallets that can accept Alipay+. Alipay+ previously announced new merchant partnership in South Korea and Japan.

During the Singapore Fintech Festival concluded last week, Ant Group also announced that Alipay+’s global merchant coverage has more than doubled to over 2.5 million over the past six months.

About Alipay+

Alipay+ offers unified global mobile payment and marketing solutions that connect merchants with multiple e-wallets and payment methods from different countries and regions by collaborating with global partners. Consumers can conveniently use their preferred local payment methods while transacting seamlessly in a different market and be able to enjoy marketing offers by the merchants through Alipay+. Alipay+ is developed by Ant Group, the owner and operator of Alipay, one of the world’s leading digital open platforms.

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